media check product overview

Media Check checks the results of automated workflows in prepress automatically!

Automation is important for success. tec4check has added several features in Media Check print inspection. See here part one!

You inspect your printed packaging - easy and with only a few clicks!

At the same time as administrator of Media Check you can set the parameters, how sensible your print inspection should check on...

We are looking for support for our development team!

Fachpack is one of the most important packaging events in Germany this year!

Reuse existing jobs to create new one and scan!

tec4check - about us

Proofreading and quality check software development

As a system partner for the printing and processing industry we develop software and systems to check the print quality against the approved Pdf-File, so called print inspection or print verification systems. Therefore we ensures the quality of digital and printed products throughout all process steps. The systems ensure a maximum of printing quality by detecting errors and faults.


MEDIACHECK: Just check it.

Media Check compares the content of PDF files regardless, whether the content of one is a raster image and the other contains vector data. It does artwork inspection not only for similar files but can also compare single up files against a sheet with a large number of (different) ups. That is more than a conventional pre-flight check can do!    

PDF to Imposed File


In the prepress workflow of printing companies, often minor changes have to be added to the customer PDF file in order to create the plates. Media Check provides security that the imposed files on the printing plates are identical to the customer approved PDF-files!

Easy to use: step by step

working with media check

You can see that the process of checking something in MediaCheck consists simply of the following five steps:

  • Define job
  • Load or scan a sample
  • Evaluate results with highlighted details and errors
  • Generate a protocol

tec4check at Fachpack, Nürnberg in September 2018

tec4check will be on the Fachpack, Nürnberg in September 2018 to present the latest developments as integrated workflows in Prepress etc.

Media Check with true client server structure

platform independent for Windows and Mac

Platform independence and client-server-architecture for multi-client-solutions and seamless integration into existing workflows available only with Media Check!



Reliable checks

The information age is about assembling, editing and transforming information. These are all creative demanding tasks, and thus will sometimes result in errors. To catch errors, we need to put together automated systems and human decision-making.